I truly treasure emails these, they move me beyond words, they make all the hard work
and late nights worth it!
Thank you to my amazing customers for choosing me
to capture their special moments.
Dear Dalia,

I just wanted to write you a quick email to thank you for the wonderful set of pictures you took on Amit+Becca’s wedding. I know you were a bit reluctant to take on the job but after seeing them we quickly realized that your fears were (and are) unfounded. They are not pictures; they are captured moments of joy and feelings frozen in time. Unbelievable job. Add to that your almost unnoticed and non-intrusive movements while taking them – they only reflect the highest level of professionalism. Way to go. As a side note you should really consider taking on future wedding jobs. For those who want to capture feelings and not capture posing images, you will be a treat. We will feel honored if you want to post some on your web site and use us as a future reference.

We thank you from our hearts for a job well, well done. Happy Thanksgiving!


dalia i started crying……they are beautiful!!!!! BEAUTIFUL~ i cant wait for vinny to come home so he can see them! cant wait to order! what moments you captured!!



I just got home from work and looked at the book. I was reminded all over again how astounding a one-woman show you are. You captured the day with tons of great photos for us to choose from.
None of this is to even begin talking about your complete professionalism throughout the whole process and especially the day of the event. Please do feel free to use us as a reference in the future.
Best regards,




Have just seen Angelina’s shots on your blog!!! They were more than I had wished for! You are a true artist and you have truly captured my Angel!!
Diane and Robb were thrilled with the session and so enjoyed working w you!!
Waiting w great anticipation to see the other shots!!
With sincere gratitude and appreciation!