Florida sunsets ~Bergen county nature photographer

We visit my parents in Florida a couple times a year and one of my favorite places to explore are the nature preserves/wetlands and of course, take pictures. This time we decided to go a little later than usual and we got to see some amazing sunsets!! Unbeknownst to us, they closed the gate while we were admiring the gorgeous colors…oops! As I offered to ram the gate in my best Thelma and Louise voice, my mother said “no” and used the phone  by the gate to call the whatever powers lay on the other side to let us out. They were none to happy to hear that we were still there when the sign clearly states…open until dark. After quite an earful, a kindly gentleman behind us, also trapped, told us to just move forward, there is a sensor that opens the gate. It seems like this kind of thing may happen more frequently than the park officials like to admit. Well, it was all worth it, we had quite a few laughs and some beautiful photos!
nature photographer bergen county NJ teaneck

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