Frequently asked questions regarding your upcoming photo shoot


This is such a special and fleeting time in your life. Newborns change so fast, they are only this tiny for such a short period of time. Capturing these precious moments will help you remember the looks and feelings that will pass so quickly. These photographic memories will be yours to cherish forever, to remember that time when your newborn baby was so small and innocent. Let me capture these precious moments for you.

When is the best time to photograph a newborn?
The best time to capture those sweet curled ups poses is within the first 2 weeks. It is during this time that babies tend to stay sleepy and flexible. Of course, if that time frame has passed, I can still photograph your baby!! The poses may be slightly different but the end result will be just as beautiful.

How far in advance should I schedule my newborn photo session?
Please contact me with your due date as soon as you can so I can pencil it in my calendar. Generally, either parent will contact me within a few days of the birth so the session can be scheduled.

Do I need to have my own props?
Of course, you are welcome to include any personal items you wish, but I will arrive with plenty of hats and blankets for your little one. Before the session, please let me know if you have any color requests so I can make sure to include those with the items I bring. I will not pose your baby in anything that I deem to be dangerous.

Where will my newborn session take place?
Newborn sessions take place in your home.

How long will my session last?
Generally these sessions last between 1-2 hours

What can I expect from my session?
I generally try to mix both posed and natural shots of your newborn.

What can I do to help my session go smoothly?
Mostly importantly, relax. I am a mother of 3 and have handled many newborns. You can be confident your precious baby will be safe and loved. Otherwise try to keep your baby awake for a couple hours before our session to ensure that s/he is sleepy when I arrive and then well fed upon my arrival. Diapers can be loose to avoid marks and babies can be swaddled in just a blanket. Pacifiers are also extremely helpful for allowing me to calm your baby during the session.

Do you include family photos with a newborn session?
Yes, I always try to capture images of newborns with their parents and siblings.

What should we wear?
Simple is always best, newborns are photographed naked or with minimal clothing

How many proofs can I expect to receive, and when will I receive my proofs?
I will always tell you to expect 20-25 images but I usually end up showing more. Your proofs are generally ready within 7-10 days of your session, your gallery is available for 2 weeks.

Do you sell digital files?
Yes, I have digital and and print purchase options for your connivence.

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